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I have always been infatuated with nature and felt a responsibility to advocate for its preservation. I believe that it is our duty to ensure that future generations are able to experience the wonders of the wild.

My goal with each greeting card that I publish is to spark something within people and ultimately motivate them to act as stewards of the natural world. I invite you to interact with my greeting cards and explore what emotions they evoke within you.

My cards and paper products are all published locally in the UK, working with other UK-based small businesses as our suppliers and fulfilment partners and I am passionate about minimising my impact on the environment in every way that I can, constantly improving the materials and processes I use to create and send my products out into the world. 


FSC-certified Board, Recycled Envelopes & Compostable/Biodegradable Sleeves

  • All of my cards and paper products are printed onto luxury 300gsm, FSC-certified boards.

  • I hope my cards might find a special place to live in their recipients’ homes, but they are also 100% recyclable.

  • Supplied with brown 100% recycled and recyclable envelopes FSC-certified Fleck Kraft paper

  • Supplied with compostable and biodegradable sleeve


(Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products certify that wood, paper and other forest products are made with materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources).

Plastic Free Outer Packaging

  • Both wholesale, and retail orders are dispatched without any excess plastic packaging.

  • Wholesale orders are dispatched from onsite in cardboard boxes, paper tape and recycled paper padding, all of which are fully recyclable or can be repurposed as packaging or for shop storage.

Wild Scottish Stag
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